Reese Smith was born in Cambridge, Maryland. From a very young age he realized he was not like most people. As a young child, he realized he was born with special gifts. Gifts that got stronger with time, and gifts that was passed down among family members.

In his younger years, Reese traveled all around the country and resided in different areas throughout. His most memorable times were when he lived in New Orleans reading on the famous Bourbon Street. It was during this time in his life that he come to meet and help thousands of people from all over the entire world, and received the famous title as the “Wizard on Bourbon Street.”

Presently today, Reese lives in beautiful Western North Carolina where he says he will stay. He enjoys the beauty and tranquility the mountains have to offer, along with being surrounded by many loving family and friends.

Reese’s ability to help people will always be his passion, and many people both near and far away confide in him to get the answers they need. He claims he was placed here in order to help people along their life journey and he has dedicated his entire life to doing just that.